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Marketing Agency Brings Over $20 Million Worth of Exotic Cars

Gabriella's owners and head chef pose with Cars and Socials host outside of Gabriella's Italian Steakhouse.

Gabriella's Italian Steakhouse recently played host to the much-anticipated Cars and Social season opener, an evening that will be remembered for its sheer opulence and excitement. Orchestrated flawlessly by Cars & Social and Smart Marketing, this event drew car enthusiasts and socialites alike to admire over 70 exotic cars, valued at a collective $20 million. The newly renovated outdoor patio of Gabriella's provided an exquisite setting for the festivities, which included a thrilling Rolex giveaway and a culinary experience that delighted every guest.

A few of the many exotic cars lined up outside of Gabriella's Italian Steakhouse.

A $20 Million Spectacle: Over 70 Exotic Cars

The parking lot of Gabriella's Italian Steakhouse was transformed into a breathtaking showroom featuring over 70 exotic cars. From the sleek and powerful Ferraris and Lamborghinis to the rare and luxurious McLarens, each vehicle represented the pinnacle of automotive design and engineering. The combined worth of these cars exceeded $20 million, drawing gasps and admiration from all attendees. This stunning collection was a testament to the passion and dedication of car enthusiasts who cherish these masterpieces.

The newly renovated outdoor patio and pergola roof at Gabriella's Italian Steakhouse.

Unveiling the Newly Renovated Outdoor Patio

Gabriella's Italian Steakhouse took this grand event as an opportunity to showcase their newly renovated outdoor patio. The patio was an elegant blend of rustic charm and modern sophistication, creating an inviting and luxurious atmosphere. Lights twinkled overhead, casting a warm, ambient glow, while the stylish furnishings and lush greenery enhanced the overall aesthetic. It was the perfect setting for guests to relax, mingle, and enjoy the evening's festivities.

The Rolex being given away at the end of the night worth over $10,000.

The Excitement of a Rolex Giveaway

One of the night's most anticipated moments was the Rolex giveaway, which added an extra layer of glamour and excitement to the event. As guests enjoyed cocktails and admired the stunning cars, they eagerly awaited the announcement of the lucky winner. The giveaway embodied the spirit of luxury and exclusivity that defined the Cars and Social event, making it an unforgettable highlight of the evening.

Tomahawk steak bones personally engraved with, Cars and Social logo, McLaren logo, Ferrari logo, Lamborghini logo, and Smart Marketing logo. Someone flaming the Cars and Social tomahawk bone.

Culinary Excellence: A Feast for the Senses

No event at Gabriella's Italian Steakhouse would be complete without an extraordinary culinary experience. Guests were treated to a sumptuous array of dishes that showcased Gabriella's renowned culinary expertise. From perfectly grilled steaks and fresh seafood to indulgent pastas and decadent desserts, every bite was a testament to the restaurant's commitment to quality and flavor. The delicious food added to the evening's enjoyment, making it a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

Emilio Duran and Joe Boscia posed at their 2024 season opener in the Gabriella's outdoor patio.

Building Connections and Creating Memories

Beyond the stunning cars, luxurious setting, and delicious food, the true essence of the Cars and Social season opener lay in the connections made and memories created. Enthusiasts bonded over their shared passion for exotic automobiles, new friendships were forged, and the spirit of camaraderie was palpable. The atmosphere was electric with excitement and anticipation, setting the tone for a season of unforgettable social gatherings.

What's Next?

The Cars and Social season opener at Gabriella's Italian Steakhouse, was a night of unparalleled luxury and enjoyment. With over 70 exotic cars worth over $20 million, a glamorous Rolex giveaway, and exquisite food served in a beautifully renovated outdoor patio, the event exceeded all expectations. As guests departed with full hearts and satisfied palates, the buzz of anticipation for the next Cars and Social event was already building. Gabriella's and Smart Marketing have set a high bar for the season, promising more evenings where the love for cars and the joy of socializing take center stage.

Photo Credits: Smart Marketing 

Instagram: @smartmarketingg 

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