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Matt Johnson

I am a graphic designer from New Jersey with a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. During my time at VCU, I developed a strong interest in the cross over of business and design, leading me to pursue a baccalaureate certificate in product innovation. Upon graduation in 2020, I pursued opportunities in the corporate design field as well as printing and design for electronic music collectives. 


Joining Smart Marketing in 2022 has been the perfect outlet for my creative passions, where design, branding, marketing, and social media intersect. As a social media manager, I have been instrumental in elevating the brand identity of various clients across different industries. My social media efforts have resulted in increased foot traffic, heightened brand awareness, and enhanced customer engagement. I am beyond excited to grow with an agency that provides a collaborative space to produce unique, relevant, and engaging content. 


When I am not in the office, I enjoy snowboarding in the winters, spending time with my new born nieces and nephews, and of course, practicing art and design.

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