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George Ma

Hi, I’m George. I’m a videographer at Smart Marketing. I earned my degree in video production in 2019. I grew an interest in film when I was young. When I would watch TV with my parents I would be fascinated how it comes together. I didn’t really get my hands on editing until my dad purchased our first Mac for the family in 2012. It was then that I discovered iMovie and was fascinated by the editing process...and the rest is history.


I always find ways to stay up-to-date in creating the most interesting eye catching content from shooting music videos, weddings, real estate and corporate videos.


I started working with Emilio in 2022 which has been one of the best work experiences in my career. Working at Smart Marketing has allowed me to be more creative and challenge myself. I love my clients and working with my team. In my free time, I love to create videos on the side, spend time with family and my significant other, and paintball.

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