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Evenel Garrido

Hello! My name is Evenel Garrido. I am a social media manager at Smart Marketing. I graduated from East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management with a focus in Marketing. While I did not start my college career as a business major I quickly learned that my passion was marketing. Specifically social media and content creation. Having the creative flow to be able to envision something in my mind and having it come to life has always been truly fascinating to me. 


Working for Smart Marketing has opened my eyes to how creative we are as individuals. In today's digital age, social media has become the heart and soul of brand communication and engagement. As a social media manager, we have the exciting opportunity to shape a brand's online presence, connect with a diverse audience, and drive interactions. Being a part of Smart Marketing has already taught me so much. From SEO to web design to even learning how to properly use a camera my knowledge has expanded so quickly. I am truly happy and blessed to be working with such great people on such an awesome team!


Besides my love for social media, I enjoy hanging out with the people that make me the happiest and working out.  

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