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Emilio Duran

Hola! My name is Emilio Duran and I am the owner and CEO of Smart Marketing! I began Smart Marketing alongside my brother, Randy, with a passion to help local businesses thrive.


Since the start of Smart Marketing in 2015, we have provided many clients with our effective services, exceptional customer service, and RESULTS! I am dedicated to each and every one of our clients and their success and I work diligently to take the time to foster strong professional relationships.

Advertising is my speciality and I am determined to bring your business results. I enjoy every minute of what I do and I am continuously researching new advertising strategies to make your business stand out. 

Our team has rapidly grown and we are consistently expanding. We are like a family here and I am blessed to have such a wonderful team here at Smart Marketing. We look forward for you to become a part of the Smart Marketing family too!

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