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Damian DeSena

Hey, I'm Damian! I'm the creative director here at Smart Marketing. I fell in love with film making back when I was a teenager watching skateboard videos. I went to college for graphic design and then decided I wanted to do Freelance Videography. I learned a lot my first few years through trial and error, but eventually started making fantastic videos- but there was just one problem. I would deliver the videos to the clients but they rarely ever came back to shoot more videos and photos with me. I didn't understand why... my content was awesome!


Then I met Emilio in March of 2020, and slowly started taking on video projects. Before I knew it, I was working full time with him- building websites, making content and working on SEO. Just us, in the second story of a garage! Clients were not only staying with us, they were thriving and their businesses were reaching new heights. We were able to do this by mixing my content making skills with Emilio's ability to get these videos seen by the masses, track audiences and get our clients a return (and more) on their investment.


Now we have an amazing team of talented individuals who I couldn't be more proud of. We can't wait to work with you!

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