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Learn more about how we helped our client Auto Pro Collision! When we began working with them they had one location but they now have FIVE locations located throughout New Jersey and New York. We have worked alongside their incredible team to create engaging advertisements that bring attention to their business. Additionally, our SEO strategies have ranked each of their locations to the top on Google!


Services: Web Design, SEO, Advertising, Social Media, Videography/Photography

Platforms: Google, Instagram, Facebook



One of our major challenges was to increase the Google ranking for ALL FIVE of their locations. We also wanted to create separate websites for each location in order to create the most efficient organizational system for their business model. Lastly, we wanted to enhance their social media presence and produce content that is not being seen from other auto body shops to help Auto Pro Collision stand out. 


The solution was to incorporate effective SEO strategies throughout each of their websites and Google pages in order for them to rank high on Google for each one of their locations. We also conducted keyword research to optimize our SEO strategies. We also designed separate, organized, and consistent websites for each location. Lastly, we brainstormed content ideas that highlight their team and services offered that are very unique. 


We have been able to rank each location on the first page of Google when researching relevant, specific keywords pertaining to their business. Additionally, their separate websites are consistent with one another in order to accommodate and help their business stayed organized. We have also created a very engaging social media platform that allows the audience to not only get to know the services offered but the owners of the business. This has shown to promote follower growth and engagement.